Sunday, 16 January 2011

Finally done

My table is finally done although it has taken longer than expected because it had to be sanded, primed, sanded again and then painted with 2 coats. I have also very lightly distressed it with sandpaper and I am really pleased with the results.

I decided to move the table from where I originally wanted it to go and I need to buy a larger lamp and dress it properly but you can get the jist from my pictures.

Whilst waiting for the table to dry I also set myself a small project which was to dress my chandelier it now looks so cute I love it.



Next project is a TV cabneit my old one is really modern and I hate it I will post some pictures tomorrow.

Thanks for looking 


Thursday, 6 January 2011

2nd project

My next project is to fill a gap that I have between my fireplace and my armchair (see photo below).

The gap looks small but the photo is taken from the top of my stairs (they are in my living room)

Space I am wanting to fill..

Here is the lamp table that I am planning to sand down paint and distress. The carving on it is amazing what do you think? I love it

I am going to start prepping it this weekend so I will keep you posted.

Gd Nite x

My first blog post ......

Hello everybody, I have read so many blogs on here over the last year that have given me so much inspiration. I have sat looking longingly into my laptop screen at your beautiful houses and have followed your tips and tricks. The reason for me starting the this blog was really for your creative input. When I first moved into my house I aquired a lot of vintage furniture which I stored for years not knowing what to do with it. A month or so ago my old coffee table broke and I scoured the internet looking for a new one but nothing I liked came up. I decided to check out my stored furniture and found a beautiful old mahogony coffee table that I then sanded, painted and sprayed. It turned out beautifully thus starting my thirst to do more so here I am. I would love to show you along the way the before and afters, and would love your comments and tips.